Jail / Prison Ministry

EPI works within the County Jail and State Prison System to bring the Word of God to the incarcerated.  We focus on delivering hope through God’s Word to the hearts of offenders while inside the prison walls, prior to their release or while awaiting sentencing. We provide weekly Christian based mentoring, specifically designed Bible studies and chapel services.  We focus on the individuals need for a personal relationship with Christ, an interactive involvement with the Word of God and keys for living an exchanged life.

The key to stopping the trend of incarceration and recidivism is incorporating faith-based programs inside the walls of prisons. If we can partner together to disciple an offender before he or she is released, the recidivism rate will drop dramatically. 

Our jails and prisons are some of the most fertile mission fields in  the U.S.A.  However, the workers are few.  Would you pray and ask God if this is where He would have you serve? If you are interested in becoming a volunteer chaplain in the Tarrant County Jail Ministry, please contact us. If you are interested in becoming involved in Prison Ministry, contact the Texas Department of Criminal Justice or one of the prison ministry links below.


These are jail/prison ministries links:

G3 Prison Ministries

Prisoners Bible Institute

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Tarrant County Sheriff  Chaplain David Barrett

Ministry Partners
Hassler Evangelistic Ministries www.hasslerministries.com
Gospel Harvesters International www.gospelharvint.org
Reach the People Ministries www.reachthepeople.org


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