Testimony from the October 2020 Project

October 23, 2020 in Testimonies

Testimony From Haufrey Sakala
Eastern Zambia – Missionary George Phiri 2020

I am Haufrey Sakala and I am 27 years old. I live in Zambia Africa. I became sick when I was 13 years old and for fourteen years was unable to function effectively. My parents both died leaving my grandmother to care for me. She took me to many hospitals to find help. I saw more than 20 doctors, none of whom could help me. My grandmother spent a great deal of money to find a cure for my illness but it was all in vain.

One day she learned that EPI was coming to our village to show the Jesus Film. She was very excited and arranged for some men in my village to come help get me and my brother to the film show that evening. It was very difficult for me to focus on the film since I was mentally disturbed. However God, in His mercy, helped me to see and understand the film. I was touched by the true gospel. Something began to take place in my body. At first I didn’t know what was happening. EPI Counselors began to gather around me and pray…17 demons came out of me that night. I was delivered from mental torment and God restored me to my right mind. I am now a child of God. Instead of isolation and shame God has set me free to live a life that honors Him. I now serve in my church as Church Secretary and worship with my family. Thank you EPI for coming to my village and telling me about Jesus!

Testimony from the March 2020 Project

March 20, 2020 in Testimonies

Testimony From Charles Njobvu
Eastern Zambia – Missionary George Phiri 2020

My name is Charles Njobvu and I am now age 34.
I have been in prison for 5 years after I was caught and convicted for stealing 5 cows. The government of Zambia jailed me and for sure I did the bad things when I was age 29. I am married with 4 children and it is very hard for them to manage to survive while I am locked up and not able to provide for them. My life in prison is very hard, it is not a home but a grave. I have seen four of my friends die and I almost died but by the grace of God one of the EPI pastors visited our prison and preached the true gospel to a large group of the inmates and 20 of us accepted Jesus Christ. We are now born again” and the pastor has given us books and bibles to help us know God and to lead and share with our friends. Every day this habrought peace and true joy and my life is not the same. Please PRAY for me and my family that I may soon be released and begin serving God.

Thank you…Charles

Testimony from the September 2019 Project

September 23, 2019 in Testimonies

Testimony From John Tembo
Mozambique – Missionary Julius Phiri 2019

My name is John Tembo and I am 74 years of age. I live in Phiya (Fiya village) in western Mozambique. I was not happy to see these religious people coming into my village. I told the headman of the village that these were evil people and that they would bring death to the village. I even thought about killing some of them to discourage them from entering our village. Everyone in the village and even surrounding villages knows that I am a bad person and they know to stay away from me. These people were different from anyone I had ever seen. They did not seem to be afraid of me, even though I cursed at them and talked very bad to them. In spite of my bad words, they continued to go door to door praying for people and inviting them to something they called the Jesus Film. As evening neared, I began to hear music such as I had never heard before. I was very attracted to it and began walking in its direction. Almost all of the people in my village were standing around a large white sheet listening to the music. Soon after I came, this white sheet was filled with pictures of people speaking words that I could understand. As I watched and listened, I was attracted to this story and before long it seemed as if this story was sent just for me. The pictures stopped with this man named Jesus being nailed to a wooden cross. A preacher began to explain why Jesus had been nailed to this cross. I began to understand that because of the many bad things that I had done, Jesus had died for me. Finally he led us in prayer and asked us to come to stand close to him. I had many questions, so I came quickly. After asking many questions, I wanted to receive Jesus. The next day, I brought all 23 of my family members to the preacher so he could tell them the story of Jesus. A church was started in my village that day and all of my family have joined Maseka Baptist Church. Please pray for our church. We do not have a building and the rains are coming soon.

Testimony from the February 2019 Project

February 12, 2019 in Testimonies

Testimony From Kasim / Hadija Malipula
Missionary Charles Masanja 2019

The following testimony is from a Muslim husband and wife who surrendered their lives to Jesus as a result of watching the Jesus film. Kasim said: “Many times I heard about Jesus death and resurrection. My friends who received Jesus several years ago have completely changed their attitudes! I believe there is something unique in believing in Jesus. I want to be in a relationship with Him.” On that very day, his wife Hadija said: “I have been wishing to become a Christian and attend the church, because I was always coming to tears whenever I heard that Jesus was crucified for our sins. But I was afraid to openly proclaim my faith in Jesus believing that my husband would divorce me. I was also afraid that my parents would reject me and deny that I was their daughter. I am very happy now, as God has opened my husband’s heart to receive Jesus and now we can together serve Jesus Christ.”

Evangelist and Church Planter- Charles Masanja

Testimony from the November 2018 Project

November 11, 2018 in Testimonies

Testimony From John Tembo
Chama District – Missionary Julius Phiri 2018

We have reached into Mozambique. It was good news to reach Mr.John Tembo and his family. This man of 74 years old, together with his family were not going to have time to hear the word of God. This was an evil man involved in much evil practices including killing people and much bloodshed. But in due time EPI reached Phiya Village. This man did not like our coming, he even told the headman that those people are not good people. They want to bring death into this village but the headman allowed us to do the program with a happy heart. Before the Jesus film show we played the gospel music over our sound system and the man was touched by the music. He came to stand 6 meters away from the area. After the Jesus film and the preaching of the gospel message, when the alter call was given, this man was the first to come and give his life to Christ. The next morning he came with 23 family members and asked me to tell his family the good news of Christ. All the family was touched with the word of God. John and his wife along with the older children all were baptized into the new church that was planted in the area of his village, Masaku Baptist Church. Thank God for your prayers that this bad man after hearing the true gospel has been saved.

Testimony from the September 2018 Project

September 1, 2018 in Testimonies

Testimony From Malitas Phiri
Chama District – Missionary Raphael Zulu 2018

Malitas Phiri is 55 years old having 10 children at Chimchembele village has been saved from danger to life. This is great choice for this woman who has not gone to church all of her life of 55 years together with the family. This woman was a witch doctor and was a great woman to all the 14 villages around her village. When people would get sick they would go to this woman for help and pay $40-$100. This woman is very rich but the bad part is that most people go to this woman but didn’t get help. Many deaths happen in those villages but no one has given these people in this village the right message and hope. It was on 16th of September when we reached this village and started witnessing door-to door. This woman didn’t allow us to reach her home and even chased us from the compound calling us bad people and many bad names. In the evening time when we played our music the woman came and stood 30 meters away as she watched the Jesus Film. When I made the alter call, after preaching the good news of the Gospel, Ms. Phiri came forward from the crowd and made her choice to receive Christ and told me and the team to pray for her and her family. She asked us to help her burn all her magic tools and uniforms. Ms. Phiri, her husband and 10 children are now members of New Revelation Baptist Church.

Testimony from the August 2017 Project

September 1, 2017 in Testimonies

Testimony From Samson Teya
Chama District – Missionary Raphael Zulu 2017

I am Samson Teya and was born in 1980 at Zoole Village in the area of Chief Chikwa. I was a pagan and I did not know God. My mother took me to church at the New Apostolic church, and then she stopped moving with me. Then I joined the Chipangano Church of Zambia, but I was not repented through these churches and stopped going to any church. It was worse for me and I was a thief destroying people’s properties without mercy. One day I was told that EPI was having a Jesus film show in our village and I wanted very much too see this film. The message which came out from the Jesus’ film spoke to my heart, including the preaching of Pastor Zulu, and then I repented of my sin and received Jesus Christ as my savior and Lord. I registered my name and joined the Baptist church. I was baptized and this time I am born again. I am a married man with three children who are now hearing the word of God and are very much involved in my church. I am thanking God for giving me new life, may God bless EPI. After some time, I was chosen to serve as a deacon in the branch church at Zoole village. Because I now know God, I am able to help others to know him.

Testimony from the April 2017 Project

May 1, 2017 in Testimonies

Testimony from Lekiyas Ngundi (Former Witchdoctor)
Mfuwe Village

“I am Lekiyas Nguni, the former witchdoctor at Mfuwe village and I am a 65 -year-old man. I was not happy when the JESUS film team came to my village. I made an appeal to all the forces of witchcraft to spoil their program and destroy their property. Because I am the witchdoctor of the village, I make my living in fetishism and witchcraft and these men were preaching about a Jesus that was more powerful than my witchcraft. Even though I did not believe in their Jesus, I was afraid they would spoil my livelihood. But I saw that these men prayed for God’s protection and their programs went well with no breakdowns, I decided I would watch their Jesus film show. After hearing the story of Jesus I went to the missionary and asked him to pray with me to receive Jesus as my savior and my life has been totally changed. After the service was over, some men prayed over me for a long time and all the demons that had given me power left my body. I felt as if many weights had been lifted off me and I was so happy. Now I have joined the new Baptist Church that was started in my village and I have brought all of my family to the church. I have destroyed all my witchcraft tools and have even burned my former home. I was amazed that the new church members helped me rebuild my home and have provided so many things for me. Now when people come to me for witchcraft services, I tell them about Jesus and invite them to my church.”