Metal Sheets Testimony


By God’s GRACE our ministry has been able to plant 94 churches in Eastern Zambia and Western Mozambique. To date only 8 of these churches have been able to complete their church buildings. The churches are able to mould and bake bricks from soil obtained from ant hills and clay soil deposits, then construct their foundation and walls. They can construct their rafters from scavenged lumber and by chopping down trees. However because these churches are planted in the rural/ unreached areas, the people have no income and simply live off the land by raising maize, vegetables, chickens and pigs. THE BIG CHALLENGE these churches are facing is they have no way to raise enough money to purchase the METAL SHEETS for their roofs that cost $16 per sheet. (quite nominal for us). The following is a list of nine churches that have completed their walls and are ready to construct their roofs. ANOTHER MAJOR CHALLENGE is that if these 9 churches are not able to get their roofs completed before the rainy season comes (November-April)….the buildings could collapse. Please read the following testimony sent by Pastor Phiri from Emmanuel Baptist Church: “have done all the building last year 2013 and due to the lack of iron sheets all the building got washed away. Again in 2014 the building was rebuilt and still we do not have iron sheets. God can open the doors for help.” Also many of the churches meet outdoors UNDER A TREE and during the rainy season they face great discouragement when they are unable to meet for church services. During the dry season this year (May- October) at least another 10-15 churches will be busy molding their bricks, building their walls, and gathering lumber in preparation to complete their roofs before the rainy season hits again. WOULD YOU PRAY FOR GOD TO PROVIDE METAL SHEETS BEFORE THE RAINS COME?   The following is the list of nine churches that have their walls completed and the number of iron sheets needed:

New Testament Baptist- 32 @$16= $512

Malachi Baptist- 36 @$16= $576

Kapobvu Baptist- 30 @$16= $480

Chibvumbulutso Baptist- 36 @$16= $576

Bethlehem Baptist- 40 @$16= $640

Edani Baptist- 36 @$16= $576

Chiyanjano Baptist- 36 @$16= $576

Exodus Baptist- 32 @$16= $512

John Baptist- 32 @$16= $512

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