Testimony from the November 2014 Project

November 28, 2014 in Testimonies

Hello my Directors John and Sharon.
To all who love EPI by supporting in prayer and needs. Thanks very much  for helping  me  reach this school in rural  Zambia. No one has reached  this school with the true gospel and given  hope for  salvation. The following is the  testimony  for  Kayaodzi  Basic School:
Yes it was in the month of November 2014 around 8am Zambia time that  I preached the true gospel  to all the teachers and pupils.  Most of the children and two teachers were touched with the message and 280 students and TWO TEACHERS indicated a desire to receive Jesus Christ.
This is great news  that we have won TWO TEACHERS:  MR.  COSMAS BANDA AND MRS.  BRIJET BANDA. This is a great news in our ministry right now that these two teachers have  left the Jehovahs’s  Witness Church and have joined  Azithona Baptist Church.
From the time Cosmas and Briject  have received  the right message they are coming to church every time and are  3 years in marriage with one child. We plan to baptize  Mr. Cosmas and Brijet in this coming November 2014. EPI Coordinator Iwell Phiri.