Testimony from the October 2014 Project

October 18, 2014 in Testimonies


Thanks to all who love and support EPI SCHOOL MINISTRY PROGRAM.  Please read the testimony from Chataika School in the southern part of Sinda in Chief  Nyanje’s area.
This testimony comes from the Head teacher Mr. Soko.

Thanks very much for pastor Iwell Phiri and Pastor John and Sharon for the good heart  to bring the true gospel to this school and start the Scripture Union Class. Yes this school has been unreached for more than 31 years. No one has come to preach the true gospel. It is a very big problem for us teachers for the boys and girls to drop out of school early. Most of the children get married at the age of 9 to 12 due to traditional lifestyles.  Most of the children stop coming to our school in grade 3 to 5. Very few pass to grade 9 and above.  Most of our children are attracted to the traditional ways like nyau dancing, masha, and mbanda etc.
But when EPI ministry came to this school more children have been touched and changed  from bad to good life. More of our students are now writing the grade 7 exam and the grade 10 exam.
Please do not stop coming to our school to help us teachers and our students. Many of our students are now believers.  Yes we have received Bibles from Pastor Iwell,  however we need more Bibles for this school due to high number of children.  Now the total number is more than 620 and we are awaiting the new grade 8 and 9 to come in January 2015. Please we are asking for Bibles in English for grade 5 to 9 and Chinyanja or Chichewa for grades one to four. Many of the children are coming to Emmanuel Baptist Church. Please pray for God’s mercy for this school to make more disciples and believers.
With many thanks EPI Coordinator Pastor Iwell Phiri