Testimony from the May / June 2015 Project

July 1, 2015 in Testimonies


“Two years ago, on the final day of our project in 2013, we set up the Jesus Film Show in a large open area next to a school in Kolomo village. It was a Saturday evening and the weather was ideal for doing a film show with a moderate temperature for the middle of June in Zambia, Africa. As always we set up the film show early to allow time for playing music to help attract attention to the showing of the Jesus Film. One of the people who heard the music and decided to attend the event was the witchdoctor of Kolomo village along with his entire family. He admitted later that he had come to disrupt the meeting. After showing the film, I preached the simple gospel message with Iwell as my interpreter. After preaching, we extended an altar call for those receiving Christ to come forward. To our amazement one of the first people to come out of the crowd was the witchdoctor and his family. The next morning Bethel Baptist Church was planted and when we arrived for the planting of the church, the witchdoctor and his family were already there sitting on the steps of the school building where the church would be meeting. Almost exactly two years later, we arrived at the recently completed church building of Bethel Baptist Church and almost like a magnet my eyes were drawn to this man who I knew was Anastaia Phiri. Oh how my heart leaped with joy as we drove up and stopped the bus. I knew it was him but he looked so different. This was a man who had given up everything he owned to follow Christ. The morning after he was saved, he contacted Iwell and asked for help with burning everything he owned, including his home. He was making a clean break with his former lifestyle to begin a NEW LIFE with Jesus. As I taught the men’s class of 22 men and then brought the message for the Bethel church service, I could hardly keep my eyes from falling upon this man that God was so remarkably changing. He took us to his new house after the service and showed us all that God had restored to him, even more than he had before. His crops were the best in the village. Another life changed in Zambia, Africa. It would have been worth travelling half way around the world, if he were the only one who came to Christ.”