Testimony from the April 2017 Project

May 1, 2017 in Testimonies

Testimony from Lekiyas Ngundi (Former Witchdoctor)
Mfuwe Village

“I am Lekiyas Nguni, the former witchdoctor at Mfuwe village and I am a 65 -year-old man. I was not happy when the JESUS film team came to my village. I made an appeal to all the forces of witchcraft to spoil their program and destroy their property. Because I am the witchdoctor of the village, I make my living in fetishism and witchcraft and these men were preaching about a Jesus that was more powerful than my witchcraft. Even though I did not believe in their Jesus, I was afraid they would spoil my livelihood. But I saw that these men prayed for God’s protection and their programs went well with no breakdowns, I decided I would watch their Jesus film show. After hearing the story of Jesus I went to the missionary and asked him to pray with me to receive Jesus as my savior and my life has been totally changed. After the service was over, some men prayed over me for a long time and all the demons that had given me power left my body. I felt as if many weights had been lifted off me and I was so happy. Now I have joined the new Baptist Church that was started in my village and I have brought all of my family to the church. I have destroyed all my witchcraft tools and have even burned my former home. I was amazed that the new church members helped me rebuild my home and have provided so many things for me. Now when people come to me for witchcraft services, I tell them about Jesus and invite them to my church.”