Testimony from the August 2017 Project

September 1, 2017 in Testimonies

Testimony From Samson Teya
Chama District – Missionary Raphael Zulu 2017

I am Samson Teya and was born in 1980 at Zoole Village in the area of Chief Chikwa. I was a pagan and I did not know God. My mother took me to church at the New Apostolic church, and then she stopped moving with me. Then I joined the Chipangano Church of Zambia, but I was not repented through these churches and stopped going to any church. It was worse for me and I was a thief destroying people’s properties without mercy. One day I was told that EPI was having a Jesus film show in our village and I wanted very much too see this film. The message which came out from the Jesus’ film spoke to my heart, including the preaching of Pastor Zulu, and then I repented of my sin and received Jesus Christ as my savior and Lord. I registered my name and joined the Baptist church. I was baptized and this time I am born again. I am a married man with three children who are now hearing the word of God and are very much involved in my church. I am thanking God for giving me new life, may God bless EPI. After some time, I was chosen to serve as a deacon in the branch church at Zoole village. Because I now know God, I am able to help others to know him.