Testimony from the September 2018 Project

September 1, 2018 in Testimonies

Testimony From Malitas Phiri
Chama District – Missionary Raphael Zulu 2018

Malitas Phiri is 55 years old having 10 children at Chimchembele village has been saved from danger to life. This is great choice for this woman who has not gone to church all of her life of 55 years together with the family. This woman was a witch doctor and was a great woman to all the 14 villages around her village. When people would get sick they would go to this woman for help and pay $40-$100. This woman is very rich but the bad part is that most people go to this woman but didn’t get help. Many deaths happen in those villages but no one has given these people in this village the right message and hope. It was on 16th of September when we reached this village and started witnessing door-to door. This woman didn’t allow us to reach her home and even chased us from the compound calling us bad people and many bad names. In the evening time when we played our music the woman came and stood 30 meters away as she watched the Jesus Film. When I made the alter call, after preaching the good news of the Gospel, Ms. Phiri came forward from the crowd and made her choice to receive Christ and told me and the team to pray for her and her family. She asked us to help her burn all her magic tools and uniforms. Ms. Phiri, her husband and 10 children are now members of New Revelation Baptist Church.