Testimony from the February 2019 Project

February 12, 2019 in Testimonies

Testimony From Kasim / Hadija Malipula
Missionary Charles Masanja 2019

The following testimony is from a Muslim husband and wife who surrendered their lives to Jesus as a result of watching the Jesus film. Kasim said: “Many times I heard about Jesus death and resurrection. My friends who received Jesus several years ago have completely changed their attitudes! I believe there is something unique in believing in Jesus. I want to be in a relationship with Him.” On that very day, his wife Hadija said: “I have been wishing to become a Christian and attend the church, because I was always coming to tears whenever I heard that Jesus was crucified for our sins. But I was afraid to openly proclaim my faith in Jesus believing that my husband would divorce me. I was also afraid that my parents would reject me and deny that I was their daughter. I am very happy now, as God has opened my husband’s heart to receive Jesus and now we can together serve Jesus Christ.”

Evangelist and Church Planter- Charles Masanja