Testimony from the March 2020 Project

March 20, 2020 in Testimonies

Testimony From Charles Njobvu
Eastern Zambia – Missionary George Phiri 2020

My name is Charles Njobvu and I am now age 34.
I have been in prison for 5 years after I was caught and convicted for stealing 5 cows. The government of Zambia jailed me and for sure I did the bad things when I was age 29. I am married with 4 children and it is very hard for them to manage to survive while I am locked up and not able to provide for them. My life in prison is very hard, it is not a home but a grave. I have seen four of my friends die and I almost died but by the grace of God one of the EPI pastors visited our prison and preached the true gospel to a large group of the inmates and 20 of us accepted Jesus Christ. We are now born again” and the pastor has given us books and bibles to help us know God and to lead and share with our friends. Every day this habrought peace and true joy and my life is not the same. Please PRAY for me and my family that I may soon be released and begin serving God.

Thank you…Charles