Testimony from the October 2021 Project

October 31, 2021 in Testimonies

Testimony From David Yowasi
Eastern Uganda – Missionary Malawa Emmanuel 2021

I thank God for Mr. Yowasi David, 27 years of age, from Wanfufu Village. This man was possessed by demons from 16 years to 27years. He was tormented and afflicted by demons in his life but during the Jesus film show, he came with his mother and watched the film. Then at the end of the film show, his mother brought him to me to pray for him. I prayed for the man and he was delivered up to today. So I went back for a follow-up visit and I found him doing well. Then I continued to share with him about how to be BORN AGAIN and both he and his mother accepted Jesus Christ and confessed Him as their Savior and Lord. Now they are fellowshipping in the church called Open the Bible Church” in Wanfufu Village.