Testimony from the July 2014 Project

July 10, 2014 in Testimonies

Hello and greetings in the Name of our lord Jesus!
Yes we have reached Mozambique. It was good news to reach Mr. John Tembo and his family. This man of 74 years old, together with his family were not going to have time to hear the word of God. This was an evil man involved in much evil practices including killing people and much bloodshed. But in due time EPI reached Phiya Village. This man did not like our coming, he even told the headman that those people are not good people. They want to bring death into this village but the headman allowed us to do the program with a happy heart. Yes before the Jesus film show we played the gospel music over our sound system and the man was touched by the music. He came to stand 6 meters away from the area. Yes after the Jesus film and the preaching of the gospel message, when the alter call was given, this man was the first man to come and give his life to Christ. The next morning he came with 23 family members and asked me to tell his family the good news of Christ. Yes all the family was touched with the word of God. John and his wife along with the older children all were baptized into Masaku Baptist Church. Thank God for your prayers that this bad man after hearing the true gospel has been saved. EPI COORDINATOR PASTOR PHIRI.