Testimony from the June 2014 Project

July 1, 2014 in Testimonies


This is truly Good news that even the chief of eastern region (the Mambo) helped us to reach unreached souls in CHANJES area.

Yes by visiting the Mambo Nyanje was the way of bringing the open door during our last June project 2014. Yes after our director John and Sharon left the Eastern region the Mambo called me to ask me to contact the chief from Chipata. The chief came and see me and said that I must go and show the Jesus Film in his village on 26th to 27th 28th of June. Because of the expense of the June project, I told the chief all what we did in June for our long project also that we have no money and we cannot do the project. I explained to the Chief that my director John and Sharon are still on the airplane traveling back to the U.S.

But the chief says I have been told of the goodness and work and how you have been helping the kingdom of this area and how the villagers have been helped.

So my heart is with you and this ministry. Come and help me with more and more problems with the people in my area. The Chief was concerned because the people were worshipping in darkness because of the Muslims. Because of this the Chief told me that he is going to send his 29 seat bus and 5 seat car to pick me and the team. We were able to do three Jesus Film Shows with over 5000 people receiving Christ.