Testimony from the May 2014 Project

May 30, 2014 in Testimonies

Hello Pastor,
Thanks very much for your prayers and ministry to bring this man Mr. Mulenga to true salvation. This man was a bad man with more tradition things but by receiving true message is now a good man. This man was very much a bad man and was doing nyau dancing, traditional making idols, adultery  and  he was stealing. From the time we reached Kabauwa Village this man was not wanting us to do the Jesus film shows and preaching.  The first day when we reach Kabauwa this man and 20 of his friends  started belting the nyau dreams so that all women and girls should not come to see Jesus films  shows. But due to your prayer, no one followed  Mr Mulenga and his friends and all people were at the Jesus films. Yes when the people saw that no one followed   Mulenga and his friends, they came to see what is going on in Kabauwa village.  By the grace of God he and his friends  found me preaching and Jesus is on the cross and when the alter call came, Mr Mulenga was the first man to come and be saved together with his 20 nyau dancing friends. It  was a very big miracle in this village. Mr. Mulenga together with his friend are now members of Discipleship Baptist Church. Together let us pray for this man and his friends to be strong.

With many-thanks