Testimony from the February 2016 Project

March 5, 2016 in Testimonies


The EPI team traveled to Kalimakhana Village to set up the Jesus film show on warm February evening in Eastern Zambia. People began to gather and watch as the team began setting up the 92” screen and then began to play music. As always, the music was very different from the local native music and naturally people began to arrive from all directions even from surrounding villages that were close by. One of the people who showed up to find out the source of this unusual music was the headman of the village Lungisani Lungu. This headman did not go to church and was not especially a religious man, in fact he was married to more than 10 wives and was a bad man.  He moved from village to village just to get married to other woman at the same time he was a drinking, smoking and nyau dancing. The people in his village didn’t have peace and joy. After the Jesus Film had been shown, Deacon Charles Lungu preached the gospel message and headman Lungisani was one of the people touched and when the altar call was given, he was one of the ones who came forward to trust Jesus as his savior and was saved from that day. In the morning the headman called the people in the village to tell them what had happened to him and that he no longer lived in sin. Pastor Iwell Phiri was summoned to help the people in the village understand how to make good choices. From that meeting 17 people joined Golgotha Baptist Church and all are walking 7km to attend services.