Testimony from the January 2017 Project

February 5, 2017 in Testimonies

TESTIMONY FROM SAIMA… sweeper in school

My name is Saima. I am working as a sweeper in school. I have been working since 5 years in this school. There teachers saying to me daily to convert Islam. They taught me about Islam too much since I worked.  Last few days I have changed my mind to leave Christianity and think its better to accept Islam. But, when Pastor Mumtaz team came in our village with the Jesus Film. I felt this is a normal thing like a normal Film. I am total illiterate. When they shown Jesus Film I amazed to watch this Film and saw the suffering of Jesus for me. The next day I went to school for work again they start to teach me about Islam but I already watched Film and strong in faith to Jesus. I said to them Jesus Christ pay the price for my sins and I will not embrace Islam any more. I am strong in faith. I will not change my religion at any stage. Thank you! Lord for this opportunity. Amen.