Testimony from the March 2017 Project

April 5, 2017 in Testimonies



My name is Pastor Mumtaz. I went to the village for church planting and for Jesus Film event. I visited  whole day village named Mariamabad. But when I went next day there Muslim man gave money to a person named Dilawar and said him to blame Mumtaz for  kidnapping a girl from this village. That background man is really resourceful and have influence in police station. With this influence they both went to police station and write a FIR against me and 3 more of our team members named Nasir Assi, Nadeem, Saleem. This blamed is very unethical. Police called me and threatened me and ask me where is that girl who kidnapped by you. I said to them I don’t know what are you talking about. They jailed me 2 days. My other team members petition in session judge and bailed me. When I appeared in front of Judge he frees me. Because, this is wrong report. This happened because of Jesus Film and Church Planting but God saved me. Praise the Lord. Please help us and keep praying for me. Blessings,

Pastor Mumtaz.